Boys Name In Sanskrit

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Below is the list of Boys name in Sanskrit. Are we missing a Name? if so please comment below to be added.

AjaFire; Unborn; Purity; Path of Light; Undefeatable
AnshPart of Body; Portion
AhiFawn; Serpent; Cloud; Water; Sun
ApuVirtuous; Divine; To be Pure; Flawless; Happiest;
AadiBeginning; Starting; First;
AumThe Sacred Syllable; Grateful; Spiritual
AayuSpan of Life; Age; Long Life
AbhiFearless; Better than Best; Brave; Perfectionist
AdhiEarth; First; King; Lord Shiva; Start
AdraMore Knowledgeable; Better Informed; Hard; Rock
AhanRichest of the Rich; Loveble; Son of Sage Manu
AjahGod Protects; Unborn
AjitUnconquerable; Invincible; Victorious
AkalTimeless; Chief of a Tribe; Supreme Being; Without Parts
AkkySweet; Cute Name
AkulGreat; Lord Shiva
AmadSerious; Much Praised; Without Intoxication;
AmitUnlimited; Boundless; Without Limit; Nobody can Destroy
AmolFaithful; The King; Priceless / Valuable
AnkaGod is Gracious; God has Shown Favour
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God is Gracious; God has Shown Favour; Angel; Elder Brother
AnhuImperishable; Invincible
AnayLeader of God; Valuable; Completed; Name of Ganesha; Warrior; Calm
AmolFaithful; The King; Priceless / Valuable
AmytLimitless; Also Spelt as Amit
AnujYounger Brother; Lord Ganesha; Born Second
AnsuRay of Light; The Sun
AnviGoddess Lakshmi; One of Devi's Names
ApanSun; Glorious; Brilliant; Skilled
AnupUnique; Talent; Glory; Extreme Large; Without Comparison; Hard Working; Honest; Lovable
ArkaThe Sun; Light; Brilliant
AshuSmall; Quick; Innocent; Lord Ganesha
AtulLion; Matchless; Uncomparable; Incomparable
AadhiEarth; First God; Beginning
AagamIntelligence; Coming; Arrival
AadyaFirst; The Earliest; Lord Shiva; Light
AalokName of Lord Shiva; Light; Lightning
AamodPleasant; Pleasure
AayanSpeed; Bright; A Small but the First Part of an Element; Gift of God
AbhayBrave; Fearless; Name of Lord Shiva / Hunuman
AbhikRoyal; Beloved; Fearless
AchalImmovable; Constant; Guarantee
AdhikMore than One; Greater
AdimaBeginning; Root; Famous; Noble
AdvikUnique; Affection; Love; Lord Shiva
AftabSun; Sunlight
AgrajLeader; Senior; First Born
AgneyBelongs to the Fire
AgrajLeader; Senior; First Born
AgnikBelonging to Fire
AhikaOf Heaven and Earth; The Silk Cotton Tree
AharaTormentor; A Manu
AhsanAn Act of Kindness; Mercy; Most Beautiful;
AiushLong Life
AjakaGod is Adorable or Admirable; A Young Goat; A Kid
AjanaInstigator; Lord Brahma
AmavaOne who cannot be Humbled; Violent; Strong; Powerful
AmanaFriendly Disposition; Kindness; Affection; King of the Red Country; Warrior
AmalaSpotless; Pure; Tree
AluguThat which Divides; Blade
AlobhWithout Greed; Name of Lord Shiva
AmalaSpotless; Pure; Tree
AksamLion; Broad-sword
AkilaUniverse; Not Fixed; Wavering
AkhilEntire; Whole; Complete; Tree; Intelligent; God; World; Sun; King
AkashSky; Lord of Day; Uncountable; Space; Limitless
AjinaSkin of a Goat; Tiger Skin
AmayaNight's Rain; Not Cunning
AmeyaBoundless; Magnanimous; Name of Lord Ganesha; Immeasurable; Limitless
AmishSuccessful; Honest
AmoghExtraordinary; Precious; A Name of Lord Ganesha; Invincible
AmohaStraight; Clear
AmrutDivine Water; Nectar; Food of Devas
AnadiImmortal; Uncreated; Eternal; Truthful; Lord Shiva
AnaghName of Lord Vishnu; Sinless; Pure; Perfect; Energy; Without Any Fault
AnakaWithout Weakness; Valour; Having Strength
AnalaFire; Wind
AnamaOne who Returns Salutations
AnantEndless; Infinite; Lord Shiva / Vishnu; Lord Ganesha; Never Ending; Eternal
AnandDelightful; Happy; Joy; Happiness; Bliss; One who is Blissful
AnasuIndestructible; Imperishable
AngadAn Ornament; Part of God; One who is Embraced by God; Son of Bali
AnhadLimitless; Celestial Music
AnikaGrace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Army; Brilliance; Form
AnishLord Krishna; Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva; Supreme; Punctual
AnjanLord Hanuman; Eye Liner; Collyrium
AnjumName of a Star; A Token; Stars
AnkitPrinted or Written; Symbol; Male Version of Ankita; Stamped; Sign; Mark; Name of Lord Shiva
AnsinSon of the Graceful One; Has a Share in the Property
AntimLast; Final
AntyaOne who Accomplishes
AnujaYounger Brother
AnunaNot Inferior; Superior; Entire; Whole
AnwitLeader; Name of Lord Ganesha
AnyunEntire; Complete; Not Defective
AparaJunior; Other
AraruWithout Mercy
AratiBeing without Attachment
ArhanKing of King; Ruler; Climb; Lord Shiva; Lord of Horses
ArianSpares; Pledge; Oath; Golden Life
ArihaKilling Enemies
ArjunConfidence - Power; A Warrior; Bright; Peacock; Son of Lord Indra; One of the Pandava Brothers; Pandava's Prince
ArpanOffering; Prashad; Given to God
ArushFirst Ray of Sun; Winner; Strong; Miracle
ArvinFriend to All; Graceful; Friend of the People; Experiment; Trial; People's Friend
AryanWarrior; Honourable; King; Noble; Son of Arya; Leader; Brave; Of Utmost Strength
AseemLonger; Boundless; Limitless Asim; Defender; Unlimited; Infinite; Limitless; Magneficient
AshokKing; One without Sorrow; Without Grief; Name of King; Chakravarthi
AstikOne who has Faith in God; Believer in God
AsugaSwift; Fleet; Wind; Sun
AswinStrong; Knowledge; Powerful; Spear Friend; Cute; Name of Month; One of the Saint in Saptrushi;
AtasaNot Gross; Air; The Soul
AthrvName of Ved; Lord Ganesha / Krishna
AtishFire; Splendour; Explosive; Dynamic; God of Wisdom
AtulaWithout an Equal
AvaarKing of King
AvedhWhich can Not Break
AvisaSky; Ocean; King; Life Giving
AvtarIncarnation of God; Holy Incarnation
AvyayWithout Destruction; Lord Shiva / Venkateshwara
AwadhPlace of Lord Ram's Birth; Another Name for Ayodhya; Innocuous; Absence of Murder; Indestructible
AyushLife Span; Long Lived; Long Life; Handsome; Intelligent
AadeshCommand; Message; Order
AadritLovely; Respected; Honoured; Worshipped
AagneySon of the Fire God; Born from Fire
AakeshSky; Lord of the Sky
AakeshSky; Lord of the Sky
AanandJoy; Intelligent; Happiness; Delightful; Blissful; Happiness to Come
AaryanRespectable; Of Utmost Strength; Kind Hearted; Good to Others; Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual