World Sanskrit Conference 2021


The World Sanskrit conference is an international conference, with an aim to promote, preserve and practice the Sanskrit language all over the world. It is being organised at various locations globally at every three years. The conference features scholars and delegates from various countries and they exchange their knowledge by presenting papers on various subjects.

The Delhi International Sanskrit Conference of 1972 was officially the First World Sanskrit Conference.

The 16th World Sanskrit Conference, the five-day world conference, was the first of its kind ever held in Thailand as well as in Southeast Asia. Over 600 scholars from 60 countries were participated in the academic conference during which they have shared their views and exchanged experiences using Sanskrit as the medium of communication.

Rajiv Malhotra at Plenary session – World Sanskrit Conference in Bangkok, June 2015

The 17th World Sanskrit Conference was organised in Vancouver, Canada in 2018.

[ Highlights: World Sanskrit Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada]

The 18th World Sanskrit Conference is scheduled to be held in Canberra, Australia in 2021.

Venue: The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Date: 18-22 Jan 2021.


The Following are the details of Conferences Organised till date.

  • 1st Conference at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, India between 26-31 March 1972.
  • 2nd Conference: Torino, Italy : June 1975.
  • 3rd Conference: Paris, France: 20-25 June 1977.
  • 4th Conference: Weimar, German Democratic Republic: 23-30 May 1979.
  • 5th Conference: Varanasi, India: 1981.
  • 6th Conference: Philadelphia, USA: 1984.
  • 7th Conference: Leiden, Netherland: 1987.
  • 8th Conference: Vienna, Austria: 27 August-2 September 1990.
  • 9th Conference: Melbourne, Australia: January 1994.
  • 10th Conference : Bangalore, India: January 1997.
  • 11th Conference: Turin, Italy: April 2000.
  • 12th Conference: Helsinki, Finland: July 2003
  • 13th Conference: Edinburgh, United Kingdom: July 2006
  • 14th Conference: Kyoto Japan: 1-6 September 2009.
  • 15th Conference: New Delhi, India: 5-10 January 2012.
  • 16th Conference: Bangkok, Thailand: 28 June-2 July 2015.
  • 17th Conference: Vancouver, Canada: 9 July-13 July 2018.

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